World of Horses SA - new Röwer & Rüb-partner in South Africa

Kapstadt. Röwer & Rüb has a new partner in South Africa. The Knittel family will now be advising customers from southern Africa on the construction of riding facilities, horse stalls and horse walkers. 

World of Horses SA is a family business based in Cape Town and has been bringing equestrian products from Germany and Europe to South African riders for many years. Brands such as Busse, QHP and Waldhausen are also familiar names in the equestrian sports business. Since 2007 the company has also been the Böckmann representative for South Africa and Namibia and has firmly established the horse trailer brand on the market. 

Now the Knittels have added Röwer & Rüb to their portfolio and have already completed their first projects. Horse stalls, stable doors, barn doors and stable windows - all these classic Röwer & Rüb products can be viewed in their showroom. World of Horses SA promotes young riders and competition sport by means of sponsorships. Equestrian sports in South Africa are developing well. The brand ambassadors of the World of Horses team can be found at many equestrian tournaments in South Africa.

World of Horses SA
World of Horses SA

The Knittel family members are Rolf and Heike and their daughters Sidney and Sally. All are involved in the company and in equestrian sport. The ladies of the family are themselves passionate riders and also compete at tournaments. Rolf hung up his riding boots many years ago and devotes all his time to the company. The family celebrated its first breeding success last year. They have six of their own riding horses that live on their property, and the yearling can enjoy his early years with horses of the same age under the South African sun on a rearing farm. 

Sidney Knittel is currently training as a veterinary assistant with Dr Christoph Rowold in Haselünne. In this way she is also acquiring sound knowledge of all aspects of equine health. She will bring this knowledge and her experience into the family business after completing her training. 

The Knittel family has a big heart for animals and is involved in animal welfare and rescue programmes. Six dogs currently live with the Knittels, all of which came from rescue centres. Until recently there was also a donkey that was spending its old age on the family's property.

And there are plans for another one soon, says Rolf Knittel. This will also come from a donkey rescue centre. We are very happy to have the Knittel family in our team and look forward to working with such great committed and passionate people.

Heike and Rolf Knittel
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World of Horses SA World of Horses SA World of Horses SA