Stallfenster (M000098812)
Stallfenster (M000028346)


Horse Barn Windows and Yokes.

Our tilt-turn windows let fresh air in, while the window does not need to be fully opened.


The safety glass which is embedded in an all-round rubber seal can hardly break, so the risk of injuries is minimized. Our barn windows are also available with insulated glass.There are also hinged protection grilles available for all Röwer & Rüb windows. Our window frames are made of hot-dip galvanised steel that may be powder-coated in a choice of colours. Also, an integrated grille might be coloured differently than the frame and we also offer the window frame with wood filling.

Our standard windows measure 3.3’ x 3.3’ but are also built to order to your requirements.

Our yokes are offered in many shapes, styles, and colours. They are designed to your preferences.

Stallfenster (M000098812)

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