Führanlage oval ohne Dach (M000020773)
Führanlage oval ohne Dach (M000020773)


The oval horse walker from Röwer & Rüb is suitable for the installation in an existing arena or building. The galvanised construction will be plugged on the present foundation and can be connected on existent pillars or outside walls if necessary.


Our oval horse walker TEOMATIC is equipped with a double-rail system that runs above the walkway. It is powered by an engine and constitutes the fixed mounting for the separating grills. The measurements can be selected individually, whereas the standard sizes for our oval walkers are 10 x 19m, 15 x 21m or 20 x 26m. The length can be expended by any number of additional fields measuring 3m. If requested, special dimensions are possible, too. Depending on the size of the walker, it is possible to walk 6 - 14 horses at the same time.

The oval horse walker TEOMATIC can be used as space-saving as possible and avoids monotony for the horses by alternating between a straight walkway and a curved sector.

The free internal space is optimal for exercising, lunging or storage.

The oval horse walker from Röwer & Rüb is constructed and produced according to DIN EN 1090. We are offering all our walkers including all design plans and statics.

Führanlage oval ohne Dach (M000104031)
Führanlagen Treibgitter M000040448 Trenngitter Trenngitter

pusher gates

Our special pusher gate technology is designed to minimize the risk of injuries.

Our standard pusher gate consists of a robust, hot-dip galvanised steel frame with a grille insert, rubber lamellae, and chains. The rubber pusher gate consists of a two-section perforated rubber mat and the rod pusher consists of 14 flexible plastic rods.


We offer different fences and gates for our horse walkers.

Our standard plus fence elements are 1.60m high and they are filled with larch or hardwood up to a height of 1.25m. Their upper section consists of horizontal 3/4" bars.

The exclusive fence elements are 2m high and they are filled with larch or hardwood up to a height of 1.25m and their upper section consists of vertical 1/2" bars. There is also an elegant cross beam above the fill.

When the walker is roofed with a track roof or full roof, we recommend straining a wind protection net for further protection against the weather and to minimize the risk of injuries. We offer wind protection nets in many varieties.

Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (2-Fluegel) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (2-Fluegel) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (1960) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (1960)

Control unit

All Röwer & Rüb horse walkers are equipped with an electronical control unit for speed regulation.The speed is infinitely variable, and the direction can also be switched automatically.


De Luxe switchbox

  • 3 program stages with infinitely variable speed selection and automatic direction switch
  • Switch for automatic direction switching (on/off)
  • Incl. thermostatically controlled heating and ventilation system
  • incl. door contact switch
  • optional with remote control for a simple track maintenance
  • optional with separate on/off switch
Steuerung Führanlagen mit Dach (0117)

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