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Pferdebox Hannover (M000030221)


The stable fronts of the model HANNOVER are very elegant and functional. This stable front is available with the following door options:

  • Two doors – an upper and a lower door. The doors might be opened separately, and the upper door can be locked safely on the lower one with a telescopic bar.
  • One door with an integrated double grille flap. Both flaps of the double grille flap might be locked in an open or closed position.


Pferdebox Hannover (M000067031)


More important features of the stable front HANNOVER are:

  • The hinged door can be easily opened and closes very quiet and smoothly.
  • The stable front has adjustable, strong hinges with rounded tabs and screws to minimize the risk of injuries.
  • The telescopic door and grille latches can be handled very easily.
  • The additional security door lock closes the stall door safely.
  • Venting louvers are standard features, but not obligatory.
  • The stable front HANNOVER might be combined with all our stable partitions.
  • We offer design customization by additional cross beams in the stable front.
  • This open stable front might be combined with decorative finials for an individual design.
  • All parts are built to order in the required size.

There are even more options regarding mangers, the steel finishing and possible decorative finials for this stable front. All options are shown on this page.


Our manger options enable fast and comfortable feeding from the stable aisle. Feeding the horses from the barn aisle is a relaxed and safe horse feeding method. The mangers shown here might be integrated in the internal stable: Rotating manger, feeding flap and feeding slot.

Röwer & Rüb rotating manger Röwer & Rüb feeding flop Röwer & Rüb feeding slot


The finishing of the steel is not only very important for the horse stable design but especially for its longevity.

Hot-dip galvanised steel is generally submitted to an optical ageing process. Continuous moistening and/ or bad ventilation can cause a stronger abrasion of the protecting galvanisation.

The powder coating not only upgrades the optics of the product, but it also guarantees an additional protection against corrosion. It will be coated on the existing galvanisation and is available in all RAL-colours. The powder coating of the corrosion class C3 will be applied with the one-layer-method and offers only limited protection against moisture and chemical substances due to the open-cell wetting. The corrosion protection class C5 describes the two-layer-method which features an additional epoxy resin layer besides the powder coating itself. So, the steel is protected against all possible environmental influences as good as possible.

Of course, you can also combine different design options. You can find a design selection in “design options”.

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We offer several elegant finials available to customize your horse stable fronts. Choose from these Röwer & Rüb stable front finials to create your individual horse barn design.

stainless steel

The Röwer & Rüb internal horse stables made of stainless steel create a sophisticated atmosphere in your horse barn. Our high-quality stainless steel internal stables are timelessly beautiful and keep their optically pleasing appearance over years. We proudly offer our stainless-steel products in two versions: Either with a high gloss finish (electro polished) or a mat finish (glass bead blasted). Both versions might be individually combined with powder coated elements in many colours.

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Design options

Pferdebox Hannover
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Pferdebox Hannover
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Pferdebox Hannover
Pferdebox Hannover
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Pferdebox Hannover
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Pferdebox Hannover
Pferdebox Hannover

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