Oval horsewalker for flexible location decisions

Horsewalkers are an important supplementary aid for the education, training and rehabilitation of horses. Horsewalkers are always to be regarded as a supplement to grazing on pastures and can help ensure that horses have enough exercise or to enable controlled movement during rehabilitation. Another advantage of using horsewalkers is exercising horses in the fresh air.


If you are thinking about buying a horsewalker for your horses, you will first have to take a close look at your property to find an optimum location. This is not always easy when it comes to existing riding facilities. Often there is only space parallel to or between different buildings. Runner horsewalkers are the solution when the grounds of a riding facility do not have an ideal area for a round horsewalker. Oval horsewalkers can be adapted very flexibly to the site conditions.


Oval Teomatic horsewalkers are patented runner systems which, depending on size, are driven by one or more motors. The oval design is very suitable if you have a long site. A width of ten metres is already sufficient. Another advantage of this design is that the horsewalkers can be installed in existing buildings such as barns. Nowadays, owners of riding and boarding facilities often opt for oval horsewalkers as they allow the horses to walk in a straight line. However, this is more a matter of taste than of relevance for healthy exercising of the horses.


There are hardly any limits to the size of oval horsewalkers. The smallest Röwer & Rüb oval horsewalker is currently located in Ticino. It is 9 x 16 metres in size, designed for five horses and completely covered. The currently largest oval horsewalker in the world was built by Röwer & Rüb in Abu Dhabi in 2014. It measures 75 x 150 metres, is designed for 42 horses and has a track roof. It is of course also possible to build an oval horsewalker without a roof.


The free interior spaces of oval horsewalkers are another great advantage. They can be used for a number of applications. They are most often used for exercising or storage. In this case the horsewalkers are often equipped with a complete roof, as this means that the interior can be used regardless of the weather. If you combine oval horsewalkers with track roofs, you can also put plants in the interior and create a small biotope. This is an attractive and ecological side effect.


We have made a short video to show you how an oval horsewalker works. Take a minute to see how relaxed the horses are in an oval horsewalker.