Wolfgang Szedenik

Wolfgang Szedenik

Head of Sales in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia

Röwer & Rüb is expanding its global network for sales and service with a new Sales Manager for Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. In March 2020 Wolfgang Szedenik was appointed as Customer Support Manager for South East Europe. 

In his previous role as Development Manager for tractor cabs and Sales Manager in the agricultural sector, Wolfgang Szedenik was responsible for sales, scheduling, packaging and purchasing. “As I have worked in a wide range of areas in the past, I am quite proud of being able to call myself a generalist. Maintaining a customer relationship based on partnership and mutual trust is particularly important to me," comments Szedenik. Wolfgang Szedenik is the new contact person for customers interested in the high-quality products of Röwer & Rüb, ranging from the development of ideas through to their implementation and the finished product.

Wolfgang Szedenik
Wolfgang Szedenik

"I’m looking forward to the new, innovative projects that I will be able to complete together with our customers," enthuses 37-year-old Wolfgang Szedenik. As an expert for horse stalls, horsewalkers, lungeing and indoor arenas, outdoor stalls and gates as well as doors and windows, he is available to provide competent advice to our customers. “For me, Röwer & Rüb is an innovator and for this reason is also one of the market leaders in the industry. After many years of experience in the agricultural sector, I am looking forward to my new role in sales as a Sales and Export Manager.”

Wolfgang Szedenik has many years of experience in sales and is also very familiar with the equestrian industry. “We are very pleased that Wolfgang Szedenik has joined our team as he really knows his way around the world of horses”, adds the Röwer & Rüb CEO duo Rüdiger Deckert and Jörn Gaudeck. 

Together with his wife Konstanze, Wolfgang Szedenik runs a riding and driving stable and owns five of his own horses, which he trains and uses for sport and also for breeding. Driving sport is his passion: “It's all about sensitivity and fine-tuning, nothing can be left to chance. Horse and driver must understand each other’s every move. And this is exactly what I love so much about working with horses," adds the active tournament driver. Wolfgang Szedenik works from his office in Burgenland and is therefore always quickly to hand for his Austrian customers. He will also be attending trade fairs and tournaments, either as a spectator, an exhibitor or attendee.

Contact details of Wolfgang Szedenik

E-mail w.szedenik@roewer-rueb.de

Mobile: +43 676-9399322

Many thanks to the photographers Valerie Oberreiter, Christian Hohlrieder, Michael Graf and Mike's Fotografie for providing the photos.

Wolfgang Szedenik Wolfgang Szedenik Wolfgang Szedenik Wolfgang Szedenik