Buchloe // Germany


The Empl sisters have their own equestrian centre. - Dominika and Amelie Empl fulfilled their dream of running their own riding facility when they established the Honsolgen Equestrian Centre in Buchloe.

The sisters have wanted their own riding facility from an early age, as they already inherited their enthusiasm for horses from their parents. They grew up with horses at home.

In addition to keeping their own horses, they also run a boarding house at their riding facility. As a horse owner you can enjoy an all-round carefree package at the riding facility. You don’t have to worry about mucking out, feeding and taking your horses in and out as everything is taken care of. Ambitious riders have the opportunity to further their skills in dressage or show jumping. The necessary support in training the horses is also provided, and the horses are in truly safe hands while training.

This all means a lot of work, and everyday life of the two sisters starts very early with feeding and bringing the horses out, either to the pens, the paddocks or the horsewalker.

Both sisters have three sport horses themselves, three broodmares, one pensioner and six horses in training. Dominika Empl rides her horses at home as a hobby, while Amelie Empl is a passionate show rider. One of Amelie's most memorable successes was in 2016 when she became the Bavarian Women’s Showjumping Champion with her Brandenburger mare Levita II. She had already previously won the Swabian Championships. The mare Levita II is especially dear to Amelie Empl's heart. “You only have a horse like that once in your life. She always fought for me and did her best," Amelie comments with a smile. Today she is in foal and lives a happy mare's life in the paddock.

Amelie’s horses do not always have an easy character, which is why she is all the more pleased that she is so successful with her horses. She is supported in daily training and education of her young horses by trainer Manfred Herzog. It is also very satisfying to watch their young horses grow up and slowly introduce them to the sport. With her current young horse this season she competed up to the S** jumping class. Harmonious interaction is particularly important to her in everyday training. The horses should have fun when working and also enjoy their life on the paddock and in the field. This ensures variety and the necessary balance in the horses’ lives.

When you enter the Honsolgen riding facility, although you may not believe it at first, purchasing the riding facility has meant a tremendous amount of work for the two sisters. They completely gutted and renovated the riding facility. In addition to all the renovation work, daily training as well as university studies and all the office work also had to be taken care of.

The Empl sisters chose Röwer & Rüb's quality and expertise for the equestrian centre's equipment. Marc Poppel actively advised and assisted them and accompanied the project from the beginning of the planning phase through to installation.

For the 33 horse stalls, the two sisters chose the Hamburg model. The front walls of the Hamburg model are equipped with a feeding flap and two crossboards. This looks particularly stylish.

Each horse stall has a paddock and was equipped with exterior doors from Röwer & Rüb. This allows the horses to enjoy the fresh air and to go out to the paddock as they wish.

The partition walls between the horses are equipped with contact gratings, which enable each horse to have visual and social contact with their respective stable neighbours. The curved screen in the front area of the partition wall gives the horse the opportunity to enjoy some privacy and to be undisturbed while eating.

In order to offer the horses safe and controlled exercise in addition to their daily work, the Honsolgen Equestrian Centre was extended with a circular horsewalker with a track roof and a lungeing arena.

The lungeing arena enables the horses to be walked or lunged in all weathers. The large roof overhang provides protection for open walls, also against driving rain, and is visually very appealing.

By installing the circular horsewalker with track roof the two sisters can let the horses use it all the time, even in bad weather conditions. The roof keeps the track dry and the horses can be exercised despite bad weather.

From 14-16 September 2018 Dominika and Amelie Empl organised a successful equestrian tournament at this beautiful Honsolgen riding facility in Buchloe with its fantastic mountain panorama backdrop. Many interested people attended to follow the events and to keep their fingers crossed for the starters. This is great tournament, which is always worth a visit!

We wish the Empl sisters continuing success and happiness with their horses and a wonderful time on their dream facility in the future.