A bird's eye view of Röwer & Rüb

With a drone over the show park


Images taken from the air give a good overview of a riding facility or a company site. They open up new perspectives and provide a more widescale view. Small drones with amazingly good cameras have replaced complex aerial photography.


Our colleague Jan Friedrich has obtained his drone flyer's license and is now permitted to officially capture these exciting perspectives. He has taken some impressive pictures and videos of our show park and company premises.


Our 7000 m² exhibition space features two round and one oval horsewalkers, a round arena, two track roofs and outdoor stalls, all in the original dimensions. This gives interested visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about the functionality and handling of the equipment.


The horsewalkers are all fully functional and the smoothness, control programmes and safety can be inspected in detail. We also demonstrate which options are available for attaching the tracks in the horsewalkers. 


The outdoor stalls are set up in rows, with a size of approx. 12 m² and the corner stalls even measure approx. 25 m². Corner stalls can be used as tack rooms, feeding chambers or foaling stalls. It is also possible to omit a front section to create a roughage storage area or a covered grooming station. The show park shows how flexible you can be when planning an outdoor stall.


Over the coming weeks we will be taking flight at some of our customers’ facilities and are already very excited about the results.


You can watch the videos on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RoewerRueb/videos.


Stay tuned for all the latest news!