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Since 1978, the Röwer & Rüb GmbH, designs and manufactures the best-quality products for equestrian facilities. We are proud to offer the perfect solution for any project, regardless of if it is a small barn, a private riding facility, or an exclusive equestrian center. When working with us, you can rely on full service, competent consulting and on safe, horse-oriented products. Our products are of the highest quality and they are stable of value over decades. Our expertise is based on long-term experience in working on various projects with the best experts worldwide. We are looking forward making your ideas come true!

What you can rely on

Full service and competent consulting

The Röwer & Rüb team is supporting you from the first consultation until the completion of your project, to make sure your requirements are met. During the planning phase, we are also supporting you in finding the best solution for your project – no matter if you are planning a new facility or renovating and extending an existing one. We will find the perfect solution for you – worldwide and on time! 

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Highest quality - Made in Germany

Our goal is to deliver the best quality to you. To maintain our high-quality standards, we are producing according the German and European Industry Standards. The Röwer & Rüb production facilities are constantly state of the art, as well as those of our suppliers. Our high-quality standards are reflected by our outstanding products.

Know-how based on experience

There is no such thing as a problem – there are only solutions, although these are not always easy. We learnt our trade from the ground up and many years ago concentrated our attention completely on horses. For this reason we are able to focus on a wide range of conditions and your special requirements.

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Safe and horse-oriented

The high safety standard of our products is our priority. We always seek the best solution for minimizing the risk of injuries for the horse and those caring for the horse. As well, we focus on creating modern equine facilities, meeting the basic needs of any horse: sufficient air, light and space.

Intelligent innovations – Expertise by experience


Best Referencen

Satisfied customers are also our best recommendation.
We would be please to provide details of existing installations and view these with you.

Stability of value in the long-term

Röwer & Rüb products are well-known for their durability and functionality over decades. Our various references prove the stability of value of our products in different climate zones worldwide. You can rely on our valuable products from small private barns up to extraordinary equine facilities.

Expertise by experience

We are specialized in finding solutions for any requirement. Since 1978, we are developing products that are functional and safe and suitable for small horse barns, as well as for the most amazing equine facilities in the world. We had the pleasure to work with different people, architects and builders and we are proud we found a satisfying solution for all of them.

Intelligent innovations

We are constantly working on new ideas and innovations to make our products even more safe and functional. When there is a new idea, we test it and improve it until our high quality standards are met.

The Röwer & Rüb Product Exhibition

You´re cordially invited to visit our exhibition of a broad selection of Röwer & Rüb products – horse walkers, internal horse stables, loose boxes and more. Our exhibition enables comparing different product varieties, testing the products, and seeing the real product material and quality.

The Röwer & Rüb product exhibition includes an outdoor and an indoor exhibition. In addition, we offer our visitors to try the new Röwer & Rüb stable configurator for internal horse stable fronts. With this tool, you can configure the stable front of your choice. We´ll support you with technical details and expertise, to make sure your requirements are met.

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In the outdoor exhibition, we´re presenting the following products:

  • oval horse walker with TEOMATIC system,
  • round horse walker with track roof and FREIMATIC system,
  • round arena with an integrated TEOMATIC horse walker,
  • loose boxes with paddock pens,
  • and a selection of even more of our products. 

In the indoor exhibition, we´re showing the following products:

  • a selection of our internal stables in many different colours and wood options, for example as hot-dip galvanised with powder-coated finishes, electro-polished and glass bead blasted stainless steel,
  • different horse stable partitions, such as fixed partitions, sliding partitions, and hinged partitions,
  • mangers, automatic water drinkers and more horse barn equipment,
  • very exclusive tack rooms,
  • barn doors, external stable doors, windows and yokes in various options and styles.
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We are looking forward to your visit!

While presenting our products to you, we´ll explain technical details and product advantages. As well, you´ll get competent advice on the best possible solutions for your requirements.

We are looking forward to your visit! Please, contact us, to make an appointment for our product exhibition and the Röwer & Rüb configurator.

We also understand if you can´t come to Northern Germany to have a look at our product exhibition. In that case, we kindly ask you to contact us, so we can arrange an appointment at a Röwer & Rüb reference project near you.




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