Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer

Exercise your horses in water in a joint-gentle manner

When two leaders in their field join forces, great things happen.

The newly launched Aquatrainer is the result of a long-standing cooperation between the two traditional German companies of Röwer & Rüb and Activomed. Röwer & Rüb acquired Activomed GmbH back in 2018 with the aim of working together to drive the growing field of equestrian health forward.

Activomed is internationally regarded as a pioneer of two forms of therapy that are not only appreciated by professional riders – water-based hydrotherapy as well as magnetic field therapy. The recently launched Aquatrainer is the result of many years of development and constant optimisation by Activomed GmbH. The expertise and experience of partner veterinarians and professional riders proved to be particularly valuable.

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer

As with all Röwer & Rüb products, the Aquatrainer focuses on the safety of horses and their owners and riders as well as easy handling without compromising on appearance or functionality.  „The pursuit of success is based on your horse’s ongoing health and the willingness to perform and Röwer & Rüb will support you in this.“

Dr. Matthias Baumann

For rehab and for training

Gentle and controlled exercise in water has been used for many years in professional facilities for rehabilitation after injuries. However, not only sporting horses are plagued with health issues such as back problems, joint arthritis or inflamed tendons. Even healthy horses will appreciate the variety of training in the Aquatrainer, which is possible all year round and also daily.

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer

The Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer can be adapted to suit your facility and we would be happy to discuss the most suitable location with you personally. With its simple, slim form, the Aquatrainer blends very harmoniously into any type of stables – for example in small boarding stables or in a state-of-the-art riding facility. We offer you a two-day therapeutic briefing session explaining all the functions of our Aquatrainer.

The physiological advantages for your horse at a glance:

• Strengthening of muscles

• Enhanced coordination

• Improved movement

• Gentle recuperation


The Aquatrainer has become one of the most important training elements we use to build muscle and fitness as well as keeping our horses in tip top condition.

Bernadette Brune

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
The Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer is entirely made of stainless steel and accommodates the belt with its driving technology and includes a user friendly user-panel in a stainless steel housing.

The robust stainless steel construction is made of V2A. If required, V4A stainless steel is available for salt water resistancy. We use stainless steel only – even for the fittings. Highest safety standards guarantee trouble-free operation as well as minimum risk of injury for horses and operators.


Relaxed but concentrated work is the key to a successful training. The infinitely variable speed control up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph) leaves nothing to be desired for when training your horses. The water level and speed can be individually adjusted during operation.


For a more intensive training, we also offer the optional trotting version with up to 15 km/h (9.3 mph) as well as a hydraulic incline of up to 6 degrees.


The operator’s platform allows monitoring the horse’s movements with a perspective on its back. From this position you will be able to judge if the horse’s movement is straight and evenly. This is particularly important in terms of building up muscles effectively, as well as ensuring the horse’s progress is moving in the desired direction. Walking freely without restricting poles at front and rear promotes coordination and gentle build-up of muscles, whilst the generously padded doors ensure safe-keeping of your horse.

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
The benefits of the Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer

• Extra-long interior of 4.20 m (13 ft 9.35 in) for adequate freedom of movement
• Two wide doors for leading the horse in and out with a "single lever quick release" feature for easy opening and closing of the doors
• Injury-free hoof positioning due to the straight side walls without sloping deflector plates
• Various filter systems and water treatment can be individually adapted to suit your requirements and guarantee highest hygienic standards

• The intuitive user panel allows a simple operation
• The design deliberately does not include any horse restraints
• Maintenance is quick and easy 
• All components of the robust stainless steel construction are made of durable material and are finished to a high quality standard

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
Technical Details

The modular system allows an individual configuration. This ensures that each installation can be tailored to the individual‘s needs, spacial arrangements and specifications. The Aquatrainer can be supplied as ground level installation or lowered into a pit.

The Aquatrainer features

•Inside length approx. 420 cm (13 ft 9.35 in)
• Inside width approx. 96 cm (3 ft 1.80 in)
• Inside height approx. 135 cm (4 ft 5.15 in)
• Weight of treadmill 1.900 kg (4.189 lbs)
• Construction made from stainless steel (V2A)
• Straight walls down to belt without beveled edges
• Maintenance flaps front and rear
• Lowered front area for clear view
• Standard treadmill with speed up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph)
• Generous padding on front and rear doors

Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
Röwer & Rüb Aquatrainer
Optional configurations

• Salt water resistand design – V4A
• Front and rear ramps for ground level installation
• Trotting Version – up to 15 km/h
• Hydraulic incline module – incline up to 6 degrees
• Cooling Unit or cooling tank – down to 6° C water temperature

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