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Lunging arenas

The Röwer & Rüb lunging arena is based on decades of experience in the construction of equestrian round arenas to train or lunge the horse independent from the weather. The aspects safety, functionality and longevity are always ranked first.


The galvanized steel construction can be equipped with steel trusses as well as with glue-laminated wood beams. It is available with many different fencing and roofing options. Each of our round arenas is provided with a ventilation roof ridge to prevent heat accumulation.

For further protection against environmental influences, a wind protection net can be installed around the lunging arena. The tough net is available in different colours and protects the horse from lateral wind and drizzling rain.

We offer all our lunging arenas including the design plans and the statics, which are necessary for the building permit application.

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Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (2-Fluegel) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (2-Fluegel) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (1960) Zaunelement Runde Führanlage mit Dach (1960)


We offer different fences and gates for our horse walkers.

The round wall is available in 1,60 m or 2,00 m height. Round wooden girders will be installed between the steel pillars. The outside panelling and the inside boarding are available in larch wood or hardwood.

Our standard plus fence elements are 1.60m high and they are filled with larch or hardwood up to a height of 1.25m. Their upper section consists of horizontal 3/4" bars.

The exclusive fence elements are 2m high and they are filled with larch or hardwood up to a height of 1.25m and their upper section consists of vertical 1/2" bars. There is also an elegant cross beam above the fill.

When the walker is roofed with a track roof or full roof, we recommend straining a wind protection net for further protection against the weather and to minimize the risk of injuries. We offer wind protection nets in many varieties.


Röwer & Rüb offers many roof designs to make sure that the horse walker matches the appearance of your facility. Also, porches might be added, either with a single of double pitch roof. Our standard roofing possibilities are:

  • Trapezoidal steel sheets
  • Corrugated fibre cement sheets
  • Wooden formwork with roofing felt
  • Wooden formwork with glue shingles
  • Wooden formwork with stamped tile sheets
  • Roof gutter including downpipes and gutter elbows
  • Wooden formwork with roofing tiles (for full roof only)
  • Lighting roof ridge (for full roof only)

Even though, the Röwer & Rüb services are optionally combinable with our products, the design plan and the statics are included in our product offer for track roofs and fully roofed round arenas.

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