Western riding stables with flair

The Eder family has built an equestrian centre with a great ambience.


Sabine and Josef Eder have created a paradise for Western riding fans in Tuntenhausen in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim. There is room for 54 horses in the spacious horseshoe-shaped facility.


The Eders work with great passion to ensure that both horse and rider feel comfortable at the Grand River Ranch. This does not only apply to the friends of Western sports. There are around 30 Western horses at the centre, but also English riders and the mounted police of Rosenheim have found a new equestrian home here with their horses. The horseshoe-shaped stable with its curved stable lane creates a very special ambience and creates a warm atmosphere. “We want horses and riders to really feel at home," says Sabine Eder.


The Grand River Ranch offers regular Reining or Working Equitation courses. Sabine Eder comments: "The Working Equitation courses are very well received by all our riders. These courses are equally good for Western and warmblood horses." At the moment the ranch is being extended with an Extreme Mountain Trail course. This is a trend that has spilled over from the USA to Europe. These trails are designed to help horses and riders learn to move safely through difficult terrain and stay in balance. Extreme Mountain Trail experts from the USA will then hold courses and training days at the Grand River Ranch.


There is naturally also a stylish Western saloon. The log cabin is the social meeting place of the Grand River riding community and is lovingly decorated with a saloon look.


The riding facility is located in the middle of an idyllic rural area and is surrounded by pastures and great riding countryside. For Sabine Eder it is much more important that the horses feel comfortable and are well-balanced than sporting success at competitions. This is best achieved with extensive rides through the beautiful natural countryside. She told us about a horse that she brought from the United States eight years ago. “He was great at tournaments, but was only familiar with stables and tournaments. Now he is finally able to go out into the countryside without fear and has regained his basic confidence. That makes me happy and proud. I enjoy the opportunity to be able to ride outside freely every day," she adds.


The riding facility was named after a quarter horse, Topsail River, which is special for the Eder family. The features of the equestrian centre are also very special. Four heated tack rooms, its own smithy and horse solariums at the grooming stations leave nothing to be desired.


We wish the Eder family every success in their current and future projects and thank them for their confidence in our work.



For more information about the Grand River Ranch visit https://www.grand-river-ranch.com/