No-nonsense and rock solid -
Horse stalls for professionals

Anyone who runs a riding facility or breeding farm economically also has special requirements when it comes to the horse stalls. Efficiency and practical handling are the main priorities. Pragmatism doesn’t mean, however, that the horses, stable owner, riders and customers should not feel comfortable and at home. And of course the safety and durability demands are high.

This is the incentive for us to develop the right products. Our VERDEN, STUTTGART and KOPENHAGEN models meet these requirements perfectly. The stalls are hot-dip galvanised and have a strong and sustainably produced bamboo filling.

Bild Pferdebox Modell Verden Standardbox Bild Pferdebox Modell Verden Bild Pferdebox Modell Verden

We deliberately chose not to use any purely decorative elements in these models. The fronts can be equipped with feeding slots or rotating troughs. For most professionals it is important that the horses can be fed from the stable aisle. Ventilation slots and night safety devices are standard features.

The VERDEN model is one of our bestsellers in existing facilities and for conversions. The stall fronts are equipped with sliding doors and are also ideal for narrower stable aisles. They have a grille flap in the door that locks in the open position as a standard feature. This means that the horses cannot play with the flap and nothing protrudes into the stable aisle.

The STUTTGART stall front is a new addition to the range. It is equipped with a single-section with grille flap or two-part hinged door. The frame is made of square tube and the basic version is hot-dip galvanised.

This model does not feature arches or curves, and the front design is therefore very simple and linear. This model requires wider stable aisles (minimum 3m), especially with double row stable aisles. The doors should not collide when open and there should be enough space for an escape route. For this reason STUTTGART is mainly installed in new facilities where these factors can be taken into account during planning.

Pferdebox Stuttgart (M000103649) Standardbox Standardbox
roewer-rueb-pferdeboxen-kopenhagen-M000055632 Standardbox Standardbox

KOPENHAGEN is a semi-open stall front. The frame of this model is also made of square tube. This front is attractively simple and enables the horses to have permanent social contact with their stall neighbours and those on the other side of the aisle. The basic version of this model is also hot-dip galvanised.

For those looking for a more individual look, all three stall models can of course be powder coated. 

When manufacturing our horse stalls we always place the same value on the high quality and safety of all materials used as well as on processing and assembly of all models.