Hurts, Royston // UK

Partial roof, Royston - England

On time for the training start of the yearlings, the new partial roof on the Newsells Park Galopp Stud was completed. The customer had decided in favour of an outdoor stall system already in December 2009, and this investment underlines the high degree of confidence placed in the quality of products from Thedinghausen!
The partial roof was wanted for the Premium design with a roof overhang of 3.80 m. According to stud manager J. Dollar: ""The yearlings are to be brought in form for the auctions and be protected against the wind and the weather“. For safety reasons, the decision was made in favour of an exclusive fence with hardwood infill. The 2.00 m exclusive fence is filled with wood up to 1.20 m and it is, in addition, equipped with vertical ½“ grills in 50 mm intervals. J. Dollar: ""With this, the training of yearlings can easily be monitored and potential irregularities in the motion sequence can promptly be observed“.
In order to train the high number of yearlings during the day, the decision was made in favour of a horsewalker for 10 horses.