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Röwer & Rüb is 40 years old – quality makes history

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An entry from Thu, 02/21/2019 - 12:53

40 years – truly a reason for celebration.

In 1978 everything started in Blender with a team of 20. What was originally a small family business is now, forty years later, a company with global operations supplying horse stables, stalls and horsewalkers. The company is now based in Thedinghausen, at the heart of the equestrian state of Lower Saxony.

Röwer & Rüb - horse enthusiasts with experience and know-how, and the market leader which stands for innovation, sustainability and development in the horse sector. Sustainable forestry to protect the rainforests is an aim that has been successfully achieved by using bamboo instead of tropical wood species after many years of pioneering work. We produce new ideas and improvements, work on the details, test and try again until an idea is technically so mature that it can meet our exacting quality standards – and this is why Röwer & Rüb is globally acclaimed.

Thought has also been put into the next generation to run Röwer & Rüb. Elfert Rüb has placed the business reins into the hands of managing partner Rüdiger Deckert, and with Etienne Rossler at his side, an experienced man is responsible for both sales and marketing. “The team has been rejuvenated across all divisions. Attention was always paid to making sure that the “old hands” were able to spend a great deal of time teaching their successors the ropes in their respective fields of expertise,” explains Rüdiger Deckert. The full-blood breeder Dr. Andreas Jacobs joined the company the same year, and today 150 employees work for the company at two production sites.

Do you need ideas for your new facility or for renovations? Visit us in Thedinghausen – here you will find 7,000 square metres of ideas for hands-on inspection and testing. The Röwer & Rüb team looks forward to showing you the showpark and exhibition area which features the entire product portfolio.