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Paddocks as a useful addition for horse owners

An entry from Mon, 06/17/2019 - 18:40

Riding facilities that are equipped with paddocks or paddock stalls have been very popular among horse owners for a long time.

The paddocks are a good supplement to pasture grazing and other exercise options for horses.

Paddocks serve to provide horses with a limited area for exercising when they are not allowed to graze, for example in winter when the pastures are inaccessible. They require relatively little cleaning. Paddocks can be attached to the stable wing and can be used by the horses at any time. They can also be located close to the stable, like the grazing pastures.

Horses should not be left alone in the paddock. As horses require social contact, several horses should be allowed access to one paddock at the same time. Social contact with the neighbouring paddocks is also important for the paddock stalls.

Safe and strong fencing is essential. The paddock of a paddock stall should also be accessible from the outside. This enables easy maintenance and naturally easier intervention in conflict situations between two paddock neighbours.

Our paddocks are available as hot-dip galvanised, galvanised and powder-coated versions in colours that match the stable doors and windows. We would be pleased to advise you.