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More space, more light, more air - Röwer & Rüb loose boxes 2.0

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An entry from Thu, 02/21/2019 - 14:44

Larger, lighter, airier – the new Röwer & Rüb loose boxes are really something else. The improvements make the popular all-rounder even more attractive for small and large stables, as the variable modular system adapts to your individual requirements - for two or 200 horses, with or without a paddock, in a row, across a corner or in a U-shape.

Larger: The loose boxes are now available in different sizes. With up to 16 square metres the row stalls offer large horses bags of space, and the head and corner stalls with a footprint of up to 30 square metres are also suitable for mares with foals, as a foaling stall or as a saddle and fodder store.

More friendly: The stalls are as bright as day thanks to the new, even wider light ridge made of twin-wall sheets.

Airier: Fresh air is always provided, even if when you are away. A sensor automatically opens and closes the one metre wide ventilation flaps in the roof ridge. Air is also supplied through the flaps in the stall door - which ensures good circulation without draughts.

With the large roof overhang and the option to attach paddocks, the Röwer & Rüb loose boxes meet all the requirements of modern and individual horse management, providing ideal conditions for your horses. See for yourself!

At the Equitana we will be offering the system at a special trade fair price. We would be happy to advise you before the fair and answer your questions at +49 4204 91400 –