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Hof Brüning from above

An entry from Thu, 09/26/2019 - 15:00

Drone flights and calm horses

When we decided to feature the farm of the Brüning family, we wanted to view everything from a different perspective, took to the air and flew over and through the facility.

It is large and perfectly equipped. Horse stables, two indoor riding arenas, an outdoor riding area, paddocks and pastures offer the horses a varied choice of space and activities. All this is complemented by a horsewalker with a track roof and the round arena. From a bird's-eye perspective you get a completely different impression of the farm. It looks even bigger and more impressive from above.

The breeding facility is located in Ochtmannien, in the heart of the Hanoverian horse breeding area. For this reason it was natural for the Brüning family to breed, raise and train Hanoverians. It became clear how calm the horses of the Brünings are when we flew over the riding arena. They didn’t startle or panic, which is just as amazing as pleasing. And it also evidences the excellent breeding and training conditions on Hof Brüning. Eight employees take care of the well-being of the 200 horses every day with great dedication and passion.

We would like to thank Hannes Brüning for his permission to fly over his property.