Familie Quast

A dream comes true ....

for the Quast Family from Lower Saxony

When they discovered the farm in Uenzen, they immediately had a vision - living an idyllic life with horses. No sooner said than done! The farm offered ideal conditions to realise the dreams of the family with its five riders. “It’s really important to us that our horses feel comfortable", they told us, and so the rebuilding measures began. 

The existing stable wing was rebuilt and today accommodates 10 horses, directly adjacent to the house. A 20 x 60 metre outdoor riding arena, where the four children ride and train daily, was created next to the stable. The jumping fences reveal that the children are ambitious jumpers, but the arena is also used for dressage training. Spacious paddocks were configured to offer the horses and ponies variety and relaxation.

Familie Quast_Außenbox
Familie Quast

The only thing that was missing was a solution for training in rainy and snowy weather. The Quast family decided to build a Röwer & Rüb round arena - a perfect alternative to a standard indoor arena that would not fit so well into the idyllic atmosphere of the farm. The round arena is functionally ideal with a horsewalker and inside area for riding and matches the overall style of the farm perfectly.

The entire 10-corner round arena with a diameter of 18 metres is surrounded by a wind protection net which protects the horses effectively against the wind and rain but still provides fresh air. The powder-coated supports and fence elements as well as the custom-made rain gutter lend the round arena a special flair. The round arena is also equipped with a sprinkler system, and watering the arena floor is therefore child's play. The track is covered with rubber blocks to reduce noise and lower the strain on the tendons of the horses. In total, six horses can be exercised at the same time in the horsewalker.

“The training conditions are optimal. Our children enjoy eventing and are also successful in tournaments. Riding can't simply be cancelled because it’s raining. We are really glad that we chose the round arena,” commented the proud parents of the three talented children.

Two additional loose boxes were also installed apart from the round arena. The Quast family opted for outside doors from Röwer & Rüb. A paddock next to the loose boxes is also being planned. In future the horses will be able to decide themselves whether they want to stand in the paddock or in the boxes.

The Quast family has created a place that is a home for both horse and rider, where man and horse feel good, are happy and simply have optimum conditions to practice eventing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Quast family for allowing us to become a part of their vision and help make their dream come true.

Rundhalle mit Führanlage
Familie Quast_Rundhalle_Führanlage-Außenboxen
Rundhalle Außenreitplatz
Führanlage in Rundhalle
Familie Quast_Rundhalle_Vordach_Pultdach