Reitanlage Buchen

Buchen riding facility in new hands

The Crespo-Kast family has found a new home for themselves and their horses in Buchen in the Odenwald region. Last year, show jumper and trainer Pablo Crespo Escassi seized the opportunity and leased the complete riding facility of the Buchen Riding Club. Since then around 30 riding, training and boarding horses have been living in its stables.

Jumping horses are trained at the stables up to the advanced level and take part in competitions. Alongside training, riding students can naturally also be given success-oriented tournament supervision upon request. In Buchen, Pablo Crespo Escassi offers riders looking for a suitable show jumper a choice of young horses, show jumpers for beginners or even three-star firecrackers. The trading activities also free up riding and training capacities and requests can be submitted to Pablo Crespo Escassi and his team at any time.

Reitanlage Buchen
Reitanlage Buchen

It was an exciting journey to Buchen for the Crespo-Kast family. Pablo Crespo Escassi, now 43 years of age, was initially the manager of a jumping centre in Andalusia and later became the manager at a private stud farm and commercial facility in the south of Chile. In 2013 he came to Germany with his wife Nadja Kast and settled in the Odenwald region. For Nadja this actually meant coming home. She originates from Buchen and is now making her old home town a new one for the whole family.

In the meantime the family has grown and the couple’s two sons, two and six years old, have already caught the horse bug and are often out and about on their ponies. Nadja Kast is a veterinarian and chiropractor for animals and naturally supports her husband to the best of her ability.

There has been a lot going on at the equestrian centre in Buchen since the new tenant took over. To improve the conditions for horses and riders even more, the Crespo-Kast family has extended the facility by a lungeing arena and a horsewalker with a track roof. The aim is to combine the options for balanced training with contemporary horse management. There is naturally also lots of space for exercising the Buchen show jumpers. The equestrian centre is surrounded by beautiful pastures so that the horses can satisfy their natural need for physical activity.

We wish the Crespo-Kast family and their team the very best for the future and would like to thank them for placing their trust and confidence in our company.

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Reitanlage Buchen Reitanlage Buchen Reitanlage Buchen