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Service – consulting, planning, visualization

The Röwer & Rüb services are complementing our products and we are proud to offer a full-service package including consulting, planning, visualization and product installation. We´re specialized in supporting you designing and building the perfect equine facility according to your requirements.

Our experienced team and our network partners are focused on turning your ideas into a purposeful, modern equine facility. Even though, we highly recommend benefiting from our specialized services and our expert network, we´re also cooperating with the contractors of your choice.

We offer the following project planning services to support you realizing your project:


Initially, we want to hear your ideas, your requirements, and your questions. During the consultancy phase, the original situation, the project budget, the purpose of the equine facility, the environmental and local circumstances, and other factors are summarized and assessed. Röwer & Rüb consulting is about understanding your needs and turning them into the basis for successful construction planning.

Master plan (bird´s eye view)

In the next step, all your requirements regarding your equestrian facility project are summarized in the master plan. The master plan provides an overview on the facility, taking general horse management factors, functionality, safety, architecture, and more factors into consideration. The master plan is to give you an overview on the possibilities that meet your requirements and our professional recommendations.

Design plan (2D layout)

The design plan is a layout that is based on the master plan. This detailed layout outlines the building including all elements, such as measurements and building interior and exterior. We´re always aiming at the best solution to ensure the well-being of the horse and to meet your design requirements. The design plan is the basis for a building permit application.

Visualization (3D view)

A visualization of the design plan supports you in getting a better idea of the dimensions of your planned facility. As the materials and surfaces are included in the visualized plan the real facility is represented very well.

Once the building project is officially permitted, we´re supporting the building process with professional advice and our expert network. We got network partners worldwide and always like to recommend specialized architects or constructors. Nevertheless, we´re experienced and flexible to also work with the contractors of your choice. As soon, as the construction site is ready for installing your Röwer & Rüb products, we´ll send a team for setting up the products.

Even though, the Röwer & Rüb services are optionally combinable with our products, the design plan and the statics will be included in our product offers for round arenas, track roofs, and outdoor stables.