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Outdoor Stables

Outdoor Horse Stables by Röwer & Rüb

Our outdoor horse stables provide a unique solution for safe stabling. We offer several solutions regarding the quantity of the stalls, the stable configuration, its size and equipment. Our outdoor stables are developed to suit your requirements and they are made of carefully selected, durable materials to provide longevity.

Röwer & Rüb outdoor horse stables are high-qualitative, adequate premium stable buildings. They are made of very strong hot-dip galvanized steel that is also available as powder-coated in various colors. The steel profiles are filled with robust and elegant hardwood timber and the exterior walls are constructed of 2.4’’ thick hardwood with double tongue and groove. Our outdoor stable is built on a concrete base or on other suitable foundations.

Barn doors and windows can be added on the side and back walls. Various feeders, waterers, and stall doors are available. The stall doors are equipped with our self-invented locking system, that keeps the door locked even if the horse tries to open it or kicks it.

The roof of our outdoor stables is usually made of specially fabricated corrugated roofing or of sandwich elements, but many other roof types are available, too. Our insulated roof system prevents heat loss in winter and keeps the stable cool in summer. The 6’ roof overhang protects horses and those caring for the horse against the weather. 

For basic ventilation, there is a standard lighting roof ridge included in our outdoor stables. We recommend integrating our special lighting and ventilation roof ridge to ensure the best possible air and light supply in the stable. The venting also works, when the stable doors are closed, as the ventilation flap in the stall doors and the roof ridge allow effective air circulation. The steep roof pitch of 20 degrees supports an active air circulation.