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Paddock Pens

Paddock Pens by Röwer & Rüb

Our solid and safe paddock pens complement the Röwer & Rüb horse stall product range. The pens are available in many sizes and our system allows an easy transformation of the paddock pen size. Our solid system is suitable for paddock pens that are either connected to the horse stall or that are constructed without any connection to the stable.

The Röwer & Rüb paddock pen fence, made of two-inch round tubes, ensures high safety standards for your horse.  They are ideal for crowded situations and they will withstand almost anything your horse can throw at them.

Please, contact our team for more information. As we are focusing our resources on integrated equine facilities, we kindly ask for your understanding, that we offer our paddock pen system manly in combination with our other products, such as our horse stalls or horse walkers. We are looking forward to your request.